K9 Groomers in Milton Keynes

Dog Grooming

Get your dog groomed by fully qualified also insured professional dog groomers who pride ourselves on quality dog care. We offer a high standard dog grooming services in a hygienic, safe, and modern dog grooming salon.

Our dog grooming services includes hydrotherapy baths, blow also towel drying. A good brush out, coats styled and cut to your preference, nails trimmed, ears cleaned perfume and ready to go.

K9 Grooming in Milton Keynes
dog grooming in Milton Keynes
Dog Nails Clipped in Milton Keynes

Dog Nails Clipped

Get your dog’s nails clipped by professionals. A good indicator that your dog’s nails need a trim is when you can hear their claws clicking loudly as they walk around on hard or tiled floors.

Depending on how active your dog is, also the types of surfaces they walk on, you should aim to clip your dog’s claws once or twice a month.

Dog nails clipped

K9 Nails Clipped in Milton Keynes

Dog Nails Clipped in Milton Keynes
Dog Hydro Bathing in Milton Keynes

Hydro Bath for Dogs

A dog hydro bath is a professional dog bath also a very powerful shower all in one. The pump system built into the dog hydro bath makes the shower head so powerful that the mix of shampoo and water penetrates the thickest of dog’s coats.

This gets right to the skin helping remove any dry dead skin cells also other materials that can be hard to get rid of. Which is especially good for dogs with longer and thicker coats providing superior bathing also cleaning.

Dog Hydro Bath

K9 Hydro Bath in Milton Keynes
Dog Hydro Bath in Milton Keynes
Dog Haircut in Milton Keynes

Haircuts for Dogs

Professional dog haircuts also coat styling. By MK dog grooming salon that caters for every breed and size of dog. We don’t only clip, we also style with scissor as required. If you’re not sure what you need, we can advise you on what is best for your breed of dog.

All our Milton Keynes dog stylist have years of experience in doggy haircuts also styling and we guarantee your dog will look just the way you want it.

Dog Haircuts

K9 Haircuts in Milton Keynes
Dog haircuts in Milton Keynes
dog flea treatments

Flea Treatment for Dogs

A flea treatment is essential to your dog’s health also comfort. It’s very important your dog is on a regular dog flea program. Ask one of our dog groomers what the best treatment should be for your breed also size of dog.

Keeping your dog flea free can aid in good health for your dog also prevent scratching and discomfort.

Dog Flea Treatment

K9 Flea Treatment in Milton Keynes
Dog Flea Treatment in Milton Keynes

Dog Grooming Prices

Our dog grooming price list is being updated so just give us a call on 0800-062-2565 for any inquiries on the cost of your dog grooming requirements. The staff in our salon are always happy to help.

    Dog Grooming Reviews

    Sam Pratt
    Sam Pratt
    January 7, 2022.
    Excellent service and great with my dog, recommend to anybody needing their dog groomed near Milton Keynes
    Bailey Nutt
    Bailey Nutt
    January 6, 2022.
    Ethan Daponte
    Ethan Daponte
    January 6, 2022.
    Wayne Hale
    Wayne Hale
    January 6, 2022.
    Great service by the girls ..thank you
    Derry Brown
    Derry Brown
    January 5, 2022.
    Great team they were great with the dog and its in a pet shop so could get my supplies before i left cracking services